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Piper Direct Current Dynamometer

A Piper Direct Current Dynamometer (PDC) test system has been chosen to develop new products at a major international, UK based, offshore exploration company. The system utilizes a 71kW Piper PDC dynamometer with remote gearbox; drive system and in-line torque transducer. The system is programmable to simulate both steady state or transient absorption or motoring modes. This gives a total flexible testing capability and enables product to be fully developed before being subjected to the aggressive environment of the North Sea.

direct current dynamometer

Malaysian Development

Piper took their software development to new hieghts for a testing project in Malaysia this year. A bespoke system was created for engine data aquisition. Special requirements for the project were set due to a detailed control system being nessersary to isolate and test specialised elements within the engine.

These developments have now been incorporated into the new P15 EDAC system, thereby allowing more customers to benefit from the improved technology.

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