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The Piper rolling road dyno has the capability of performing 4 basic tests:

1) Road simulation /inertia/acceleration test up to 600 BHP
2) Constant load test up to 500 BHP.
3) Constant speed test up to 160 MPH.
4) Full throttle power measurement at pre-selected speed/MPH values up to 500 BHP.

The CD 2000 ID is a combined Inertia/steady state chassis dynamometer.

a) Road simulation/inertia testing allows for 6 different inertia weights to be selected which creates a resistance for the vehicle to overcome. BHP is calculated by computing the rate of acceleration and the pre-selected weight.

This tests is popular if Nitrous oxide or large turbo conversions are fitted and where “heat soak” is a problem. Quick repeatable tests are achieved within minutes.

b) Steady state power testing allows the operator to hold the vehicle at either a steady torque/load or speed /MPH. The CD2000ID electronics are,in conjunction with a high resolution/response rate PID loop, designed to stabilize the requested values.

In addition to the road simulation test the CD2000ID can measure full throttle steady state power curves. This power test enables the operator to apply a “load” to the engine until the speed where the operator wishes to start his power curve is achieved. When stable, with full throttle applied, at say 2500 RPM, the system will reduce the load at pre-selected speeds. The engine will therefore increase in RPM, stabilize and a torque / speed reading is taken.. Both the length of the stable period and the amount of speed increase is selectable. This continuous until max speed is reached. This test allows the engine to stabilize the air/fuel and ignition values therefore optimizing the engine. A road simulation test can only be judged as “transient” test .

Equipment supplied:
1. Main frame with mounting flanges.
2. 580 BHP air-cooled Eddy Current retarder.
3. Retarder/dynamometer elkectronic control unit.
4. Piper analogue to digital interface board ,data acquisition system and cabling.
5. Roller speed and torque transducers.
6. Four 400mm diameter rollers.
7. Hand held controller with buttons to activate gear ratio, stop - start of test and data storage.
8. Piper developed CD 2000 ID DARR Window based software.
9. Two tie down straps.

Optional equipment:
1. Drive up ramps if the main frame is located above ground.
2. Computer and printer.
3. Dynamometer and engine cooling fans.

Upgrade kits
The Piper CD 2000 ID DARR window based software and electronic control system is available seperatly for upgrading any rolling road system. Dependend on model and type Piper have the experience to add modern technology and software to sound mechanical systems. PleaSE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS.

Optional extras also include a gas analyser interfaced with our software which enables the monitoring of CO, Co2, HC, Lambda and Air Fuel Ratios.

Click here for specifications

Click here for CD 2000 manual (pdf format)




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