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The PIPER Railcar Engine Test System, RETS, based on the P2400 dynamometer is suitable for the "In Chassis" testing of a range of diesel engines including those fitted to the Class 14X, Sprinter150, 153, 155, 156, 158,and 159 railcars. Systems can be supplied for engines up to 1500 BHP utilising our P4000 dynamometer.

rail car dynamometer

It enables operators to fault-find, determine smoke and emission levels or undertake diagnostic work without removing the engine and or gearbox from the chassis while the engine is under load. To undertake such work at present, the railcar has to be taken "On-Route" to simulate operating conditions and even then it is difficult for the testers to fully load the railcar. The adjustibility of the support frame allows the dynamometer to be fitted between the gearbox output flange and railcar differential pinion input flange.

The dynamometer assembly is mounted on the hydraulic support trolley and placed on the floor of a service pit. Horizontal slider plates are extended outwards and bolted to the rails. The water supply is connected from the tank and the supply pump via the mechanical load control valve to the dynamometer inlet ports. Increasing water flow increases the load the dynamometer exerts on the engine and vice versa.



The basic system comprises the following major components.

  1. PIPER P2400 dynamometer is mounted in double trunnions fixed to two vertical end support plates. The end support plates are connected to a horizontal connecting plate complete with two slider plates for bolting to the rail.
  2. A hydraulic support trolley for lifting the above assembly.
  3. PIPER P15 EDA computer based data logging system or any other instrument from the PIPER range of instrumentation.
  4. Voith output adapter suitable for connection to the dynamometer cardan shaft.
  5. Dynamometer water system including supply pump.

Download more information (PDF File):
RETS Dynamometer