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25 – 530 BHP / 58 – 1450 lb/ft.

The PEC range of dynamometers provide a range of Eddy – Current machines designed for testing engines from 25 to 530 BHP. Eddy current dynamometers are well known for their stability and suitability to operate in a closed loop mode.

ec dynamometerThe rugged design of the power absorbing unit ensures a long operating life,even in the most demanding production and endurance testing environments. This long life is further enhanced by the nickel plating of critical components in contact with the water.

Speed is measured by a pulse sensor mounted adjacent to a 60 tooth wheel on the coupling while torque is measured by a high accuracy strain gauge load cell mounted between the trunnion bearings, supported casings and bedplate. Control is achieved by varying the excitation current to the coils. When used in conjunction with feed back signals for torque from the load cell and speed sensor closed loop can be provided.

In addition to the PDD (Digital Dyno Drive) and the PETA (Engine Throttle servo Actuator and drive), additional performance channels can be monitored by integrating the Piper P9, P10, P11, P12, P15, P15EDA or P15EDAC instrumentation. These instruments are available with computer interface and Piper display software.

Numerous options are available such as drive shafts, guards, calibration systems, engine mounting frames, circulation pumps and cooling towers. See our System accessories pages for additional details.


Type of absorption: Eddy current / magnetic
Water requirement: Min 3.5 – 63 litres/min
Shaft bearings: Precision grade bearings
Operating RPM range: 0 – 14000 RPM.
Torque transducer: Electronic strain gauge.
Speed sensing: 60 tooth wheel and sensor.
Drive attachment: Half coupling attached to shaft.

Download more information (PDF File):
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