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hydraulic dynamometers
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750 – 2000 BHP/2400 – 7300lb/ft

The PB range of dynamometers are basic, robust, manual control unit where cost is of prime consideration and simplicity of operation is paramount. They are bi-directional which is achieved by rotating the whole dynamometer to 180 degrees.
The PB range is not suitable for transient testing and the load is controlled by varying the quantity of water circulating in the vortex chamber. This is achieved by a moving sluice gate in the dynamometer casing.

hydraulic dynamometersThe PB range is available with alternative control options:
1) Manual control for operation local to the dynamometer

2) Remote control via increase / decrease push buttons.

3) Throttle is controlled by push / pull cable arrangement.

Speed is measured by a pulse sensor mounted adjacent to a 60 tooth wheel on the coupling while torque is measured by a high accuracy strain gauge load cell mounted between the trunnion bearings, supported casings and bedplate.

The Piper P9, P10, P11, P12, P15 or P15EDA can be used with the PB range for data monitoring. These instruments are available with computer interface and Piper display software.
Numerous options are available such as drive shafts, guards, calibration systems, engine mounting frames, circulation pumps and cooling towers. See our System accessories pages for additional details.


Type of absorption: Water/hydraulic
Water requirement: Min 6.5 gal/bhp/hr (For largest unit)
Shaft bearings: Deep grooved greased ball bearings
Operating RPM range: 0 – 3500 RPM.
Torque transducer: Electronic strain gauge.
Speed sensing: 60 tooth wheel and sensor.
Drive attachment: Half coupling attached to shaft.

Download more information (PDF File):
PB Dynos