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1500 BHP/3750 lb./ft.

The P4000 is a 1500 BHP - 3750 lb./ft uni-directional absorption unit specifically designed for low speed, high torque diesel engines presently being offered by all leading engine manufacturers. It can be used directly attached to the engine bell housing utilising the PIPER manufactured torsional damper assembly and SAE drive plates, thus incurring minimum civil engineering costs, or in the conventional floor mounted position. A double seal arrangement allows extended no-load testing.

The P4000 can be supplied as a bi-directional low speed high torque absorber. The torque absorption capability of this unit is the same as that of the uni-directional unit and is especially suitable if anti-clockwise marine engines are to be tested. Mechanical specifications with respect to dimensions, materials and drive arrangements are the same as for the standard P4000.

portable dynoThe dynamometer is of compact design and can be used:

Direct on engine
Floor mounted (with drive shaft)
In chassis

Optional extras:

SAE 0-00 bell housing adapter
Additional flywheel drive adapters (one supplied with each system)
Dynamometer support trolley
SAE bell housing and flywheel bolts package

P 1200

P 2400