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Pipers range of dynamometers provide a solution for almost any engine testing requirement.

Portable Dynamometers (P Range)

Our P range offers portable dynamometers ranging from 30BHP to 1500BHP.

Hydraulic Dynamometers (PH Range)

Our PH range of dynamometers offers testing with electronic load and speed control from 1500BHP to 9000BHP.

Basic Hydraulic Dynamometeres (PB Range)

For a basic elementry testing solution our PB range goes from 750BHP to 2000BHP.

Eddy Current Dynamometers (PEC Range)

Our high speed, low inertia eddy current dynamometer systems offers accurate speed and load controlability. It ranges from 5BHP to 600 BHP.

Direct Current Dynamometers (DC Range)

Our fixed based DC range of dynamometers offer 5BHP to 720BHP testing. These systems are ideal for environmental test cycles.

Railcar Engine Test System (RETS)

Our RETS "in car" chassis dynamometer and intergrated software offers up to 1500BHP testing (900BHP standard), specifically for the railway industry.

Container Dynamometer

Piper have, in conjunction with Caterpillar, Perkins and Yanmar developed and designed an integrated testy facility based on a 30ft (9 meter) shipping container. You get a fully specified system ready to operate on arrival and the ability to move the facility locally if so required.