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The DC and AC range of dynamometer are supplied either with foot mountings or with trunnions and uses an in-line or “s” beam type torque transducer respectivly. These units are specifically designed and recommended where transient test cycles are to be achieved and “motoring” or driving the engine is part of the test cycle. Both DC and AC dynamometers are controlled by 4 quadrant thyristor drive systems and one of its greatest features of both types is that it converts and re-generates the power absorbed back into the site electricity supply. No water cooling is required.

These dynamometers are now more and more specified by Research and Development departments of major automotive manufacturers. The AC dynamometer can , on average, operate at 25 to 30% higher speeds then DC units for a given speed / power rating. AC units are generally more expensive then DC units as the control / drive system is more complicated.

Both units are especially suitable for transient test cycles such as the ETC European Transient Cycle, ELR European Load Respone, ESC European Steady state Cycle and the FTP Federal Transient Procedure where motoring is required.

We offer a range of AC and DC dynamometers. Please contact the factory with your specific requirements.

dc dyno

dc dynamometer

Shown above is a 720 BHP (525 kW) DC system designed, installed and commissined by Piper.

- 525 kW ( 720BHP) Direct current dynamometer
- 3100 Nm (2300 lb/ft) torque and 3000 RPM capability
- Trunnion mounted with load cell strain gauge.
- Double universal joint drive shaft and torsional damper.
- 4 Quadrant thyristor controller enabling motoring and absorption.
- Geared throttle servo actuator.

Piper Windows basedoperating software is capable to interface with a number of protocols and can interface with:
- Mini tunnels.
- Mass and volumetric fuel flow meters.
- Airflow meters.
- Smoke meters and gas analysers.
- Weighing scales.
- Opacimeter as typically supplied by Horiba and AVL.


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