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container dynamometer

Piper have, in conjunction with Caterpillar, Perkins and Yanmar developed and designed an integrated testy facility based on a 30ft (9 meter) shipping container. This concept was initiated by Perkins in the late 70’s to provide a cost effective solution for their dealers world-wide. It was intended to ship a fully specified system ready to operate on arrival. It also allows customers to move the facility locally if so required. i.e. Total flexibility with minimum on-site preparation.

inside container dynamometer

The container will include the following:

Operator Room (OR)
2 meters long and the width of the container. The OR will include:

  1. An access door to the dynamometer/engine Room ( DER)
  2. A “safety” door to the outside.
  3. A shelf for the instrumentation, computer and printer.
  4. A viewing window between the OP and the DER will be provided to give an un-obstructed view of the dynamometer and engine.
  5. The area will be fully insulated.
  6. A suitable cut-out will be provided for the fitment of an air-conditioning unit (not included) at a later stage.
  7. Small water basin and cold water tap for connection to outside supply.

container dynamometer

Dynamometer and Engine Room (DER)
7 meters long and the width of the container. The DER will include:

  1. Single 8” diameter roof flange, with reducers to 5”, for connection to the engine inlet manifold or turbo charger.
  2. Two roof flanges for the fitment of two 400 BHP mufflers. Mufflers included as well as 5 meters of suitable connecting high temperature flexible exhaust pipes. Piper will not supply the engine exhaust connecting flanges.
  3. Ventilation slots for circulating the air in and out of the container when the doors are shut. Consideration will be given on sound attenuation. A circulation fan may be added.
  4. One overhead crane on a single “I” section beam to support the dynamometer. We only have about 500 mm between the top of the engine and the container roof so fork lift loading of the engine will be required through the side door.
  5. Suitable floor mounted beams for the engine support. We will make these mounting beams as universal as possible but engine to mounting beam supports has to be the responsibility of the customer.
  6. Two marine intercoolers mounted against one side of the container wall with a total cooling capacity of 1200 BHP. The size of the two coolers are based on a 40 C “raw” water temperature. (not 32C on which they are normally sized). Each cooler will be capable of 600 BHP and one will be fitted with a header / expansion tank. Connection between coolers and engine not provided for.
  7. Battery compartment to suit two 400 x 178 x 231 mm batteries. A small trickle charger will be fitted, interlocked so as to be in-operative when the engine is started to prevent fuses blowing

enterance to container dyno


  • Roof mounted 1000 lt. fuel tank with sight glass and stop-cock. Transported inside the container when shipped. Plumbing will be in place to connect to fuel flow system inside the container.
  • 220V Electrical sockets and strip lights placed in the operator and dynamometer area.
  • Plumbed in air lines with regulator and separator for connection to outside supply.
  • A water tank with a minimum capacity of 4500 lt. will be supplied and constructed so it can be fitted below the container. The tank will have a “cold” and “hot” well area and have connections/flanges for top up water, dynamometer supply pump, cooling tower circulation pump, intercooler circulation pump and water return.
  • One dynamometer supply pump with pressure regulator valve, one cooling tower circulation pump and one intercooler circulation pump all plumbed and connected to the tank for easy “set-up” on site. Suitable electrical wiring with cabling, with the switch gear situated in the operator room.
  • Fully insulate the inside of the container walls and roof to suppress noise. Advise will be taken from gen-set manufacturer as to the most suitable materials.
  • Painted in Corporate Colours
  • Large side door for loading the engine.