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Piper Test and Measurement manufactures engine test systems incorporating its own range of dynamometer including Portable dynamometers, Hydraulic dynamometers, EC dynamometer, AC & DC dynamometer, and bespoke dynos for specialist industries.

And now we also offer a unique container dynamometer:

container dynamometer

Our instrumentation is comprehensive and ranges from simple analogue to full computer based data acquisition systems. The majority of the basic equipment can be specified to incorporate RS232/485 output signals.

Component test systems are designed in close co-operation with the customer. Our knowledge of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems enables value for money units to be manufactured at short lead times, whilst our close co-operation with engine manufacturers enables the most suitable test schedules to be prepared.

Our co-operation with proprietary peripheral instruments manufacturers enables PIPER to offer its customers essential test room equipment.

Technical back-up and assistance with peripheral services and, if required, liaison with subcontractors, ensures that customer experiences the minimum delay once the equipment is delivered on site.

Our dynamometer equipment is recommended and/or used by the majority of engine manufacturers, distributors and their dealers, including Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Komatsu, Perkins, Nissan and Yanmar and is suitable for other engine manufacturers.

The PIPER design philosophy is based on incorporating known technologies. This ensures that the client has reliable, serviceable and, above all, user friendly equipment.

"Please read our Customer Charter for an overview of our customer care policy, and an understanding of how important the customer is to us." - Eddy Perk (Managing Director)

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